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SELECT Oyster Bar Opens This Winter With 'Creative' Wine and 'Great' Seafood

No brunch, no coffee, no dessert, no late-night.

SELECT Oyster Bar
SELECT Oyster Bar

Neptune Oyster and Olives alum Michael Serpa will soon open up his own restaurant in Back Bay, SELECT Oyster Bar, as previously reported. A chef de cuisine job posting up on Craigslist now reveals a few more details about what will — and won't — be at the new restaurant, which is set to open this winter.

What will be at SELECT Oyster Bar: "top quality" seafood, a "well curated raw bar," a "creative wine program" (and champagne), and a "brand new kitchen" full of some fancy equipment. Plus, it'll be open daily, serving lunch and dinner.

What won't be at SELECT Oyster Bar: Brunch, coffee, dessert, late-night service.

SELECT will be located at 50 Gloucester Street. Stay tuned for more.

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