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Could Mei Mei Pop Up in a Seaport Shipping Container?

Summer 2015 may bring a sort of expansion for the 2014 Restaurant of the Year.

Mei Mei
Mei Mei
Meg Jones Wall for Eater

Mei Mei, Eater Boston's 2014 Restaurant of the Year, has hot dogs and Chinese takeout-inspired pizzas in mind, and "low-prep" items like this could ultimately appear in a shipping container kiosk in the Seaport District this summer, co-owner Andrew Li tells Boston Magazine, describing a project that sounds reminiscent of the SOMBLOX project at Assembly Row, home to American Fresh Brewhouse.

Hot dogs have already begun to make appearances at Mei Mei, both the brick-and-mortar location and the truck, as a Wednesday special. They're sourced from The Piggery in Ithaca, New York, where Mei Mei co-owner Irene Li is working while wrapping up her studies at Cornell. The pizzas and more will begin to appear in February on bi-monthly "restaurant testing" Monday nights.

While Mei Mei's involvement in the Seaport project isn't definite yet, the team is "exploring new options," co-owner Margaret Li tells Boston Magazine.

The food truck Mei Mei Street Kitchen launched in mid-2012, and a little more than a year later, the brick-and-mortar location, simply dubbed Mei Mei, opened in Audubon Circle. The Mei Mei team prioritizes responsible sourcing, particularly when it comes to meat, as they discussed with Eater during the Five Days of Meat last year.

Mei Mei (Boston)

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