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Saltbox Kitchen Will Open in February in West Concord

The restaurant and brewery is an offshoot of Saltbox Farm.

Saltbox Kitchen, under construction
Saltbox Kitchen, under construction

Saltbox Farm's restaurant offshoot, Saltbox Kitchen, is slated to open next month in West Concord (84 Commonwealth Avenue), according to the Globe. Owner Ben Elliott, an alum of Locke-Ober, No. 9 Park, and more, tells the Globe that it'll feature "inspired classics." The cozy restaurant will fit 15 diners — and a brewery. Saltbox Farm's catering arm will be headquartered there as well.

According to the farm's website, the restaurant will serve breakfast, lunch, and early dinner six days a week, open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. There will also be prepared foods for sale. The menu will focus on "a seasonal selection of New England farm cuisine, largely determined by the produce of Saltbox Farm."

Brewmaster/partner Ralph Fiegel, also a No. 9 Park alum, will run the brewery piece of the venture.

Elliott's grandparents built Saltbox Farm in the 1940s, and he spent a good deal of his childhood there, learning about cooking and farming. After working at restaurants in San Francisco and Boston, Elliott returned to Saltbox with his wife to restore the farm, soon launching a CSA program, catering, and cooking classes.