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Apparently Three Froyo Places Were Indeed Too Much for Davis Square

The Davis Square Pinkberry, which has been "temporarily" closed for a few months, will become a hot pot spot.

Pinkberry in Hingham, MA
Pinkberry in Hingham, MA
Rachel Leah Blumenthal

The Davis Square location of Pinkberry (263 Elm Street), the newest of three froyo places on a short stretch of the same street, closed down in the early fall, supposedly temporarily, to repair damage caused by a flood in an upstairs apartment. At the time, a Reddit user identifying as a former employee of that franchise noted that the closure was likely to become permanent as it was a low-performing store anyway.

Now, there's signage in the space indicating that a hot pot and sushi restaurant is on the way. In case you're still looking for froyo, head right across the street to Orange Leaf (256 Elm Street) or down a few hundred feet to iYo Cafe (234 Elm Street).

Davis Square is also home to another purveyor of sushi, Taipei Tokyo Cafe (7 Holland Street). The Pinkberry replacement will be the sole place for hot pot in the neighborhood, though. Hit up the tipline with any intel on the upcoming restaurant.