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Super Bowl Fever; Millennium Tower; Priciest Demo; More!

Curbed Boston is here with the weekly update on all things real estate.

Tom Brady's Brookline mansion
Tom Brady's Brookline mansion

HUB-WIDE — We've caught a bad case of Super Bowl Fever. Symptoms include knowing way too much about Tom Brady's real estate adventures and how far a Boston dollar goes in the Seattle housing market.

DOWNTOWN CROSSING — Can the Millennium Tower really change Downtown Crossing? It's deja vu all over again.

MID-CAMBRIDGE — The 609-square-foot cottage at 194 Elm Street asked $440,000 and received a lot more.

MID-CAMBRIDGE — Alan Dershowitz sold his Reservoir Street home for $3.4M in 2013. The new owners have completely leveled it with plans to rebuild. Might that make this the most expensive home demolition in Cambridge history?