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Mark Goldberg Reminisces About Huge Popovers, Brigham's Ice Cream, and More

Throughout Classics Week, chefs who grew up in the Boston area are sharing fond memories of their childhood dining experiences. (Want to add yours? Email

Jake's, Nantasket
Jake's, Nantasket
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"The first childhood local dining memory that comes to mind is the old Ground Round," says Mark Goldberg, culinary director of Grafton Group. "Popcorn-and-peanut-shells-on-the-floor type of place where kids ‘pay what they weigh.’" (Goldberg's not the only local to look back on Ground Round this week; Ben Weisberger and Chris Coombs also reminisced about the once-ubiquitous chain.)

"Another is getting popovers at Anthony's Pier 4. They were hot, huge, and completely delicious. All I remember of Anthony's is the popovers and the ridiculously oversized lobsters they would have in the lobster tank.

Also Jake's, on Nantasket Beach — and it’s still there! Those were long days at the beach followed by long lines to get into the seasonal fish restaurant. I definitely was not a big seafood eater as a kid (actually, I didn't eat any seafood as a kid), but it was somehow magical to see so many people clamoring to get a seat at a tiny oceanside seafood joint. Again, the experience and memories of long lines and hot nights outnumber the memory of any food I ate.

Finally, a classic — Legal Sea Foods. That was back when there was just the one location in Chestnut Hill. Whenever family would visit from out of state, we would make the pilgrimage to the iconic seafood landmark.

Other ‘classic’ childhood foods would include Brigham's ice cream and Montilio's cakes!"