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This is What Legal Sea Foods' Menu Looked Like in 1987

$64.95 for a seven-pound lobster.

Roger Berkowitz in the Restaurant-Market
Roger Berkowitz in the Restaurant-Market
Photos and menu courtesy of Bob Luz, president and CEO of the Massachusetts Restaurant Association

George Berkowitz opened Legal Sea Foods, a fish market, in Cambridge's Inman Square in 1950, right next to his father's grocery store, Legal Cash Market. The first restaurant opened up in 1968, adjacent to the fish market, and it was a casual spot: communal picnic tables, simple fish dishes, paper plates. Current owner Roger Berkowitz, George's son, has been in charge in 1992. The company now has more than 30 outposts spread through seven states.

In honor of Classics Week, here's a look back at a 1987 menu for the Park Plaza location:

Legal Sea Foods Park Plaza 1987 menu

Legal Sea Foods menu 2 1987 park plaza

And here's Roger Berkowitz with the Legal van:

Roger Berkowitz and Van

Legal Sea Foods - Park Square

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