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Everything on This Phoenix Restaurant's Menu Is Now Named After the Patriots

Vovomeena is currently serving Belichick Pockets, Connolly Crepes, an Edelman Espanola, and more.

Vovomeena in Phoenix, Arizona
Vovomeena in Phoenix, Arizona

At least one Phoenix restaurant owner, D.J. Fernandez of Vovomeena, is excited to give the Patriots a warm welcome for the Super Bowl, changing up his whole menu so that each item is named for the team. There's The Gronk, for example: "massive smoked pork chop, waffle, 2 egg & Portuguese donut, apple-maple syrup." Or the Mayo Biscuit Sandwich, which appropriately includes an aioli. Take a look at all the offerings:


"Oh no you did not rename your menu after the Patriots," wrote one regular on Facebook. "Say it ain't so!!! This 12 and [sic] Vovo regular will have to pass on your outstanding cuisine until this injustice has been corrected."

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