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7ate9 Bakery Will Open a Somerville Storefront Next Month

Mini cheesecakes and more.

This will soon be 7ate9 Bakery.
This will soon be 7ate9 Bakery.

7ate9 Bakery, whose mini cheesecakes you may have tasted at various farmers' markets in the area, will open up a Somerville brick-and-mortar location as soon as next month, reports Somerville Beat. The space is at 199C Highland Avenue, briefly home to Kickass Cupcakes — and before that, The Chocolate Tarte. (It's right by M.F. Dulock and Somerville's Armory.) Owner Sarah Chester was previously working as an accountant when she began to make cheesecakes for fun, according to the Beat. Eventually, she started to sell them and found baking space in La Patisserie's kitchen in Winchester.

Chester will be selling the mini cheesecakes, as well as larger ones, at the Somerville shop, plus some other desserts and coffee — but cheesecake will remain the focus, reports the Beat.

Flavors include peppermint (limited edition for the winter), Taza chocolate, peanut butter, Oreo, and more.