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Here Are Jody Adams, Joanne Chang, Lydia Shire, and More in the Mid-1990s

Classics Week continues with a photo interlude courtesy of Jody Adams.

Jody Adams (Rialto, Trade) shared the above set of old photos in honor of Classics Week. A Providence native, Adams began her Boston restaurant career as a line cook at Seasons (1984-1987) before becoming sous chef at Hamersley's Bistro (1987-1990). Gordon Hamersley was at Seasons at the same time as Adams, along with Susan Regis (UpStairs on the Square and the forthcoming Shepard) and Lydia Shire. Steve Johnson (of the recently shuttered Rendezvous) was at Hamersley's Bistro at the same time as Adams.

Next, she became executive chef of Michela's from 1990 to 1994; Barbara Lynch also passed through during that period. In 1994, Adams opened Rialto in Harvard Square. Notable alum include Nuno Alves (who recently departed Tavolo and moved to Hawaii), Joanne Chang (Myers + Chang, Flour Bakery), Adam Gendreau (the shuttered Staff Meal truck), Patrick Gilmartin (also Staff Meal — and now, River Bar), Andrew Hebert (TRADE), Carolyn Johnson (80 Thoreau), Peter McKenzie (Ribelle), Brian Rae (Central Street Cafe), and Phillip Tang (East by Northeast). In 2011, Adams opened her second restaurant, TRADE.

Here's what's going on in each photo:

  1. This was taken in the early 1990s at the Meridian. From left to right: Sheryl Julian (of the Boston Globe), Julia Child, Adams, unknown, Lydia Shire, unknown, Rene Becker (Hi-Rise Bread Company and the forthcoming Shepard), Chris Schlesinger (former owner of East Coast Grill).
  2. Adams in Bon Appetit, September 1996.
  3. Adams at Michela's in the early 1990s.
  4. Opening photos at Rialto, taken in 1994. From left: Michela Larson, Chris Myers, Jody Adams, Karen Haskell (opening partners).
  5. More of same.
  6. Taken at Rialto in the mid-1990s. From left: Joanne Chang, Adams, Francis Costello, Heather Miller, Ruth Ann Adams, Dana Swindler.
  7. Taken at Rialto in the mid-1990s. From left: Ruth Ann Adams, Adams, Joanne Chang, Frank Vasello.