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Cafe Quattro Will Be Reborn in the South End

The new Cafe Quattro is aiming to open early this year.

Cafe Quattro, under construction in late November 2014
Cafe Quattro, under construction in late November 2014

Cafe Quattro, a Beacon Hill restaurant that was open from 2005 to 2012, will reopen in the South End, reports Boston Restaurant Talk, noting that the restaurant is going before the licensing commission tomorrow for a common victualler's license.

The restaurant lost its lease because the landlord "want[ed] to build a large upscale restaurant and bar that would take up the entire first floor of [the] building," according to an August 2012 Facebook post from Quattro, noting that they had done everything they could to extend the lease, but it was impossible. "This is a very difficult situation to be in," they wrote at the time, "but we are not going away, we are going to do it somewhere else bigger and better!"

Finally, in late October 2014, Cafe Quattro announced that a new location had been found: 817 Harrison Avenue, which is at the corner of East Springfield Street in the South End. "We will once again be serving our thin crust, hand tossed, artisan pizza, fresh pasta, homemade meatballs, Italian sandwiches, and espresso!" wrote the restaurant. "Watch for our opening at the beginning of 2015." Here's a peek at how construction looked in late November.

Quattro is posting updates on Facebook and Instagram. (Note that there's no connection to this restaurant called Quattro in the North End.)