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Here Are Ana Sortun, Jody Adams, Jasper White, and More at 8 Holyoke Around 1995

Happy Classics Week! Here's a photo interlude.

8 Holyoke circa 1995
8 Holyoke circa 1995
Courtesy of Ana Sortun

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Ana Sortun (Oleana, Sofra, Sarma) sent in this photo from her time at 8 Holyoke; she estimates it was taken around 1995. In the photo:

  • Paul O'Connell, previously of Chez Henri (far left in the tie)
  • Jody Adams of Rialto and Trade (center, black blazer)
  • Jasper White (center of back row)
  • Steve Rosen, previously of Salts, Rarities, and St. Cloud (next to Adams)
  • Deborah Hughes, previously of UpStairs on the Square (big white glasses)
  • Mary-Catherine Deibel, previously of UpStairs on the Square (far right, back row)
  • Peter Davis of Henrietta's Table (between O'Connell and Adams)
  • Ana Sortun (far right, middle row)
  • Julia Child (front and center)
Sortun was head chef for the Mediterranean restaurant when it opened in Cambridge in 1994 (at, unsurprisingly, 8 Holyoke Street, which is now transitioning from Sandrine's to La Voile). She had previously worked with owners Moncef Meddeb (also owner of L'Espalier) and Pierre Jospe at their Concord restaurant Aigo Bistro.

The 8 Holyoke menu featured tapas, which were apparently a fairly new addition to the local dining sphere at the time, based on the tone of this Harvard Crimson write-up from '94.