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A Turn-Key Eastie Restaurant Seeks Up-and-Coming Chef to Rent It

East Boston is like "Somerville or Brooklyn, but without the pretension or beards or prohibitive start-up costs."

East Boston Kitchen
East Boston Kitchen

Up for grabs: an East Boston turn-key restaurant, available to rent, according to a Craigslist post.

What you are:

"You're an up-and-coming chef and you've honed your skills with some of the best in town. You've paid your dues, been loyal to the team, and helped build someone else's brand... It's great to be a member of a successful team, but all along though you've been thinking of your own ideas... things you'd like to try out someday... in your own place. You have accumulated enough skill and know-how now to strike out on your own, but in today's Boston that means crazy dollars.

What East Boston is:

"East Boston is a great place to start out and people here are more than ready for your new ideas. Costs are way lower, the population is young, diverse and dynamic. We have good places to eat, but the consensus here is that people are really hungry for something new, something innovative... Think Somerville or Brooklyn, but without the pretension or beards or prohibitive start-up costs."

And the restaurant — maybe your restaurant?

"The equipment is there, the furniture is there, a cool, beautifully-designed space is there - all that's missing is you! Come take a look at our turn-key restaurant for rent and share your ideas. What better place for Boston's next up-and-coming chef, than Boston's hottest up-and-coming neighborhood? Located near Maverick Square in East Boston, this space is destined for you to make your mark. Construction abounds, and thousands, literally thousands, of new units are either just built or on their way. The future is here."

No exact location is given, but the post is signed by "Robert," which suggests that perhaps this is the East Boston Kitchen space (owned by Robert Sarno). The six-month-old restaurant, which had been in the works for several years, is located near Maverick Square and recently closed down for the winter to "reassess." But the wording of the sign on the door, as well as some Facebook comments, make it sound like the closure is more likely permanent. "No idea yet on what direction we'll take," Sarno posted in mid-January. "It was so hard to close...we really enjoyed serving the neighborhood..." (Sarno's Facebook posts tend to use a lot of ellipses, which matches the tone of the Craigslist post.)

So are you ready to venture into your own cozy East Boston space, already furnished and ready to go? Here's the contact email address via Craigslist.