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Sweet Kingdom Has Opened in Allston for Your Late-Night Dessert and Durian Needs

The new restaurant focuses on Asian desserts, from fruit-based soups and ice creams to glutinous rice balls.

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It's 1 a.m. on a weekday, you're in Allston, and you really need some sesame soup with sesame mochi. You're in luck: Sweet Kingdom is now open in the former Unique Chinese space, according to a handful of Yelp reviews. When news first came out about the dessert shop almost a year ago, it was only known that it would have late-night hours and serve "healthy" dessert made of "fruits and light sugar."

It's open daily from 2 P.M. to 2 A.M., according to signage shared by blogger Bunny and Pork Belly, who also posted a photo of the menu and a couple shots of the bright interior. On the menu: sweet soups with ingredients like apricot kernels, lotus seeds, papaya, and pear; fruit-flavored tofu puddings; fruit smoothies; various types of sticky rice; and more. There are also a few dishes that contain the notoriously stinky durian — maybe don't order those if you're on a date.

One Yelper particularly enjoyed Sweet Kingdom's purple yam dessert soup with sago, black glutinous rice, and white glutinous rice balls.

Sweet Kingdom

7-15 Beach Street, , MA 02111