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Petsi Pies Is Now Open in Its New East Cambridge Location

594 Cambridge Street replaces 441 Cambridge Street.

Petsi Pies, 594 Cambridge Street
Petsi Pies, 594 Cambridge Street

Today is opening day for the newest Petsi Pies outpost, located at 594 Cambridge Street in East Cambridge — and replacing the 441 Cambridge Street location that opened just under a year ago. "WE DID IT! We finally moved!" the pie shop posted on Facebook this morning. "Granted it's two months after we expected to, but it IS before Valentine's Day (some people had their suspicions.) Welcome to the New East!!!!!!! (It may not be as exotic as the Far East, but it's considerably more accessible.)"

Petsi Pies also has locations at 285 Beacon Street in Somerville and 31 Putnam Avenue in Cambridge.