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Allston’s Afghan Eatery Ariana Seeks Larger Location

Its Brighton Avenue replacement could be a restaurant called Mala.

Ariana Restaurant
Ariana Restaurant
Yelp/Najeeb R.

If the owner of Ariana Restaurant has her way, diners could soon enjoy pastry-wrapped mantu and other Afghani delicacies in a larger location.

Universal Hub reported earlier this month that Ariana manager Baheja Rostami applied for a beer and wine license at 370 Western Avenue, a little more than a mile away from its current location at 129 Brighton Avenue. While the Boston Licensing Board deferred action on that article, yesterday’s agenda included a petition from Ariana ownership to transfer its current license to a new establishment at the Brighton Avenue address, Mala Restaurant. (Based on the name — plus the company name behind it, Panda Spicy Pot, Inc. — it seems like Mala will specialize in fiery Sichuan cuisine.)

Ariana opened in June 2010 as the area’s second Afghani restaurant, after East Cambridge’s The Helmand. The Globe reported then that Ariana founders got their start with the Cambridge cousin. Ariana specializes in lamb dishes, vegetarian fare, and other items, like the popular kaddo — a baked baby pumpkin, sugar-seasoned and served with garlic yogurt and ground beef sauce.

Helmand Restaurant

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