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Santouka Ramen Could Open Early Next Month

The new Harvard Square ramen spot is aiming for February 11.

Santouka Ramen, under construction in Harvard Square.
Santouka Ramen, under construction in Harvard Square.

Signage is up at Santouka Ramen, and February 11 is the current target to open, according to a recent tweet from the restaurant, which is opening in the former Dunkin' Donuts space at 1 Bow Street in Harvard Square. This will be the Japanese chain's first Boston-area outpost. When the chain's CEO Shinichi Kikuta visited town back in March 2014 to preview his shio ramen at a pop-up at Itadaki, he expressed surprise at how expensive ramen is around the city.

The Cambridge space has been designed to "entertain patrons not only with the famous broth but also with a fun atmosphere," according to a consultant involved in the buildout.

In addition to its signature shio ramen, a "mild and creamy soup seasoned with salt" and topped with a Japanese pickled plum, Santouka also serves a miso ramen, shoyu ramen (a pork and soy sauce-based broth), and tokusen toroniku ramen (featuring pork cheek meat).