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Michele Carter IN as Executive Chef of Barbara Lynch Gruppo

Colin Lynch is moving on to open his own place.

Michele Carter
Michele Carter

Colin Lynch, who has been with the Barbara Lynch Gruppo for the past 12 years (and as executive chef for the company for the past seven), is moving on to open his own restaurant, according to a press release. Michele Carter, who has been with the group since 2008, is taking his place. She began as garde manger at No. 9 Park before becoming chef de cuisine at The Butcher Shop. (Outside of the Gruppo, she's also an alum of Sel de la Terre.) Prior to her culinary work, she was a research scientist at Harvard School of Public Health.

As executive chef of the whole Gruppo, Carter will oversee Menton, No. 9 Park, Sportello, and the rest, mentoring each chef de cuisine and keeping up standards across the board.

"I have long admired Chef Michele’s talent and work ethic," said Barbara Lynch via the press release. "She is a natural leader in the kitchen and will be a brilliant Executive Chef for our group, serving as both a resource and mentor for our chef de cuisines, and an important contributor to the continued growth and evolution of our company."

No details yet on Colin Lynch's next move, but he indicated via the press release that he is "excited to be partnering with some incredibly talented people." He also praised his time spent with the Gruppo, since he began as an intern at No. 9 Park in 2001.