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Kitchenless Restaurant Pomodoro Pops Up in Former Volle Nolle Space

North End Italian eatery awaits their move at another address.

Volle Nolle location
Volle Nolle location
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When chef Sebastian Martinez of Volle Nolle announced he was leaving to open Korean fusion restaurant Koy, he was unsure of the fate of the North End establishment. Well, the Italian eatery is still going, but as a temporary space for neighboring restaurant Pomodoro. Writer Matt Conti of solves the mystery of Hanover Street switcheroos.

After losing their lease at 319 Hanover St., Pomodoro took over the kitchen at Volle Nolle (351 Hanover St.), while waiting for their new address to open at 204 Hanover St. "Apparently, the pop up has been operating on the down-low for a few weeks," Conti writes. He also points to an account of an unsuspecting Chowhound blogger stumbling upon the Pomodoro pop up when they were expecting a Volle Nolle menu.

Volle Nolle

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