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Tres Gatos Applies for a Full Liquor License

The Jamaica Plain restaurant currently has a cordials license but wants to delve more into the cocktail realm.

Tres Gatos
Tres Gatos

Tres Gatos, a tapas restaurant/wine bar/book and music store in Jamaica Plain, is looking to get an upgrade to a full liquor license due to "numerous requests from guests for cocktails [they] can't serve with a cordial license," according to a post on Facebook. The hearing will be on Wednesday morning, January 21, at City Hall, and "community support is critical." Brief letters of support are welcome; send them to

The difference between a cordial license and a full liquor license has to do with sugar content, which leads to a sometimes-nonsensical division of what's allowed and what's not. Tres Gatos has gotten creative with what's available, offering drinks like the Chartreuse Gimlet (green chartreuse, cocchi americano, lime) and the Catalan Shandy (vermut negre, orange, pilsner). A full license would provide more flexibility.

Tres Gatos

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