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You Will Eat Falafel in Kenmore Square One Day Soon

The Amsterdam Falafelshop expansion is coming along.

Amsterdam Falafelshop, under construction in Kenmore
Amsterdam Falafelshop, under construction in Kenmore

DC-based Amsterdam Falafelshop, which has a two-year-old branch in Somerville's Davis Square, is expanding to Boston's Kenmore Square, as previously reported. New photos posted on Facebook reveal that construction is now well underway at the former Boca Grande space, located at 642 Beacon Street, but an opening timeline hasn't been announced. It does appear close enough to completion that it might join this winter's crop of openings; stay tuned.

Amsterdam Falafelshop offers a do-it-yourself falafel experience where customers order at the front of the line (falafel, fries, brownies, drinks), get their food, and then move through a toppings bar full of all sorts of falafel accoutrements, particularly pickled vegetables of several varieties. The register is at the end of the line. The tables have holes drilled in them to hold paper cones full of fries, and there are a few different available sauces for the fries, from a Dutch-style mayo to a peanut sauce.

UPDATE: Amsterdam Falafelshop will open in February.