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Row 34 Launches Fried Chicken Sundays to End the Weekend Right

How about some oysters to go with that fried chicken?

Row 34
Row 34
Meg Jones Wall for Eater

Fort Point oyster hotspot Row 34 is delving into poultry territory with a new Sunday fried chicken special, which comes with pommes puree (think mashed potatoes, but smoother), gravy, and coleslaw ($23). It's available during dinner service. Executive chef Jeremy Sewall makes a similar dish at home for his kids. The rest of the regular menu is also available on Sundays.

Sundays are good days for fried chicken in Boston; there's also Cutty's once-a-month Sunday fried chicken sandwich special. And for those who want to indulge two days in a row, there's also the always-crowded Fried Chicken Mondays at Highland Kitchen.


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Highland Kitchen

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Row 34

314 Main Street, , MA 02142 (617) 819-1120 Visit Website