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Which Wich Is the Next Giant Chain Coming to Somerville's Assembly Row

The development is racking up an assortment of restaurants, many of them chains. Some are locally based, like Legal on the Mystic (from Legal Sea Foods), while others are found around the world.

Which Wich in Arlington, Virginia
Which Wich in Arlington, Virginia

Dallas-based Which Wich, an 11-year-old sandwich chain with over 300 locations worldwide (and 250 more on the way), is yet another upcoming addition to the restaurant roster at Somerville's Assembly Row. This will be the first Massachusetts location for the chain, which dreams of opening up to 50 outposts in the Boston area over the next few years. The first should open in early November.

Other nearby outposts could open in "non-traditional locations such as transit facilities and college campuses," reports Banker & Tradesman. Potential owners would pay a $30,000 franchise fee for their first store and $25,000 for any after that.

Which Wich is a useful sandwich shop for picky eaters who hate getting the wrong toppings on their sandwiches. Customers order by marking what they want on a bag, from the type of meat and toppings to size and temperature (cold or toasted). The "Skinny My Wich" option involves the abomination of scooping out some bread to save about 90 calories, or diners can skip the bread altogether and go with a "Bowlwich" or a "Lettucewich." In addition to sandwiches, there are also milkshakes and other desserts.