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Party of Two Pops Up With Donut Breakfast Sandwiches and More at Coppa

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Stephanie Cmar and Justin Burke-Samson bring a preview of their upcoming brick-and-mortar project to Coppa for a couple of October events.

Justin Burke-Samson and Stephanie Cmar of Party of Two
Justin Burke-Samson and Stephanie Cmar of Party of Two
Rachel Leah Blumenthal for Eater

Party of Two (the hybrid concept involving Stephanie Cmar's Stacked Donuts and Justin Burke-Samson's Trademark Tarts, among other delights) is charging ahead with plans for a brick-and-mortar location, providing a sneak peek of what it might be like at their next pop-up, taking place at Coppa this Saturday, October 4.

"This pop-up will be different from our previous ones," says Burke-Samson via a press release. "It’s a little glimpse into what we have planned for our brick and mortar — menu focus, atmosphere, vibe. We are thrilled to work with Coppa; they have been extremely generous and look forward to a continued relationship." (Burke-Samson and Cmar previously shared some details with Eater about their potential brick-and-mortar location, although at that point, the ideas ranged from "something awesome" to a "laundromat/bakery.")

In addition to items like a cookie dough candy bar and Burke-Samson's version of a Little Debbie oatmeal cream pie, the duo will introduce a donut breakfast sandwich from Cmar this weekend (in a limited quantity, so get there early — doors open at 9:30 a.m.) It's a maple bacon cheddar donut cut in half, with a fried egg in the middle. A "surprise breakfast pastry" and coffee will also appear for the first time at this pop-up. Diners will be able to sit down and chat with Cmar and Burke-Samson about their future plans.

The event is cash-only, with donuts, tarts, and pastries going for $3 while the donut sandwich is $5.

If early mornings aren't your thing, the duo will be back at Coppa for a late-night collaboration with chef de cuisine Meghann Ward on Wednesday, October 15.


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