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Waffles on Wheels: Zinneken's to Launch Food Truck

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What the Zinneken's truck could look like.
What the Zinneken's truck could look like.
Image: Indiegogo

Zinneken's, a three-year-old Belgian waffle shop in Harvard Square, is launching a food truck "in a few weeks (if everything works well)," according to a Facebook post. The company is trying to raise $6,000 on Indiegogo to help with the costs of getting the truck started up.

"Our mission has always been to bring the Belgian waffles in its most authentic taste, texture and aroma in the United States," writes Zinneken's on Indiegogo. "As Belgian waffles in Belgium are mostly sold on the street from food trucks, we would love this old tradition here in America. After three years in business, we've received many requests from customers who would like see us closer to where they live, work and shop."

Those who donate to the campaign can get rewards like waffles (obviously), waffle and syrup bed sheets, or even a one-week trip for two to Belgium (that one's going to cost you $3,500.)

At the shop, Zinneken's sells two types of waffles, a soft and chewy variety as well as a light and crispy variety. There are a variety of toppings to choose from, including Nutella, whipped cream, berries, and caramel.
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