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The New Boston Common Coffee Co. Outpost Will Caffeinate You Today

The company's fourth location opened today in Boston's West End, right by North Station.

Boston Common Coffee Co. in the West End
Boston Common Coffee Co. in the West End

Swing by The Avenir condo building (89 Canal Street) for your coffee fix today. As of this morning, there's a Boston Common Coffee Co. location open on the ground floor. It's the fourth outpost for Boston Common, a decade-old company that's also found in the North End, Downtown Crossing, and the Financial District. (Their roasting facility is out in Hopedale.)

While the menu varies a little bit from location to location, Boston Common Coffee Co. generally offers a selection of wraps and panini, salads, and baked goods, including the greatest invention known to mankind and popularized by Seinfeld — the muffin top. Interesting donut flavors also pop up, but only on Thursdays. The new location rounds out its roster with a new line of flatbread sandwiches.

Boston Common Coffee Co.

89 Canal Street (The Avenir), Boston, MA