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Que Padre Taqueria Y Mas to Launch Food Truck and Move Downtown

The two-year-old East Boston restaurant will close its original location after this weekend.

Que Padre in East Boston
Que Padre in East Boston

After hinting at "more projects coming up" back in August, Que Padre has announced that this Sunday, September 28, will be its last day in East Boston. It'll reopen at an undisclosed address in downtown Boston in March 2015, and it'll also launch a food truck named Martha #1 in February ("the first of many" such trucks, Que Padre adds). In the interim period, the business will still sell saltenas; place an order by calling 857-928-1140.

In addition to Mexican staples, Que Padre offers Sonora hot dogs and Bolivian classics, including the aforementioned saltenas, which are similar to empanadas.