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Sushi Rock Will Widen the North End's Non-Italian Offerings

The upcoming restaurant will join North End Fish as a sushi option in the neighborhood, which, while still dominated by Italian restaurants, has seen diversified openings lately.

Sushi Rock, a two-story pan-Asian restaurant, is headed for the former Pulcinella Mozzarella Bar e Ristorante space at 78-80 Salem Street in the North End. shares renderings and reports some details from a neighborhood meeting about the upcoming restaurant.

There will be a bar and a dining room on each floor, plus a sushi bar on the ground floor, and Sushi Rock will be able to serve beer, wine, and cordials. In addition to sushi, expect hot and cold Asian appetizers and entrees. Construction is underway, and it could open by the end of the year.

Very close by at 99 Salem Street, North End Fish (Mercato del Mare) also offers sushi, but it isn't an Asian restaurant, so it seems like the two won't be in direct competition.