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Kung Fu Tea Expands Its Grip on Boston

The Asian bubble tea chain has a Cleveland Circle location on the way.

A Kung Fu Tea location in Philadelphia
A Kung Fu Tea location in Philadelphia

Kung Fu Tea, an international bubble tea chain with the bulk of its locations in New York, has been snapping up Boston real estate rapidly since first expanding to Allston in early 2013. Since then, the shop has also appeared in Chinatown, Symphony, and Malden, and a previously announced Davis Square location (237 Elm Street) is still in the works.

Now, there's another upcoming location, reports Boston Restaurant Talk: 1916 Beacon Street in Brighton's Cleveland Circle neighborhood, taking over the short-lived Fruitee Yogurt space.

Kung Fu Tea offers a variety of hot and cold tea and coffee drinks and slushes, and customers can adjust sugar and ice levels and add boba, red bean, mung bean, herbal jelly, or nata jelly.