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Let's Talk About Food Festival Returns This Weekend

The festival kicks off with a Food Policy Action rally on Friday evening. In this video, Top Chef judge Tom Colicchio explains the importance of getting out the vote when it comes to food policy.

The "Let's Talk About Food" festival, now in its third year, takes place in Copley Square this Friday and Saturday (September 26-27, 2014), featuring events like the "Earth and Turf" burger challenge, pitting Boston chefs against each other to create a burger that uses 20% less ground beef than usual; a discussion of responsible meat sourcing with Louis DiBicarri (Tavern Road) and Michael Leviton (Lumiere, Area Four); and more.

On Friday night, the festival begins with a rally co-hosted by Food Policy Action encouraging people to get out the vote on food-related issues. (RSVP to attend the rally here.) Here's Top Chef judge Tom Colicchio on the importance of civic action in the food world.

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