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Fred's Franks Now Serving Up Shnurbles in Medford

The Wakefield hot dog truck has relocated to Medford, right near City Hall.

FredFans of Fred's Franks can now find the truck in the Hyatt Place parking lot in Medford, across from City Hall, according to a post on Chowhound. Formerly located in Wakefield, the truck offers a signature sandwich called the "Shnurble," which includes a hot dog, chourico, sweet cabbage, mayo, and "Sirachababa sauce." Those who are less Shnurble-inclined can get hot dogs, kielbasa, chourico, linguica, andouille, bratwurst, sausage, and burgers with a variety of condiments.

Fred's Franks is currently operating daily (weather-permitting) from 11:00 a.m. to 6 p.m. Additionally, a second location will spring back up in Wakefield "once all logistics are ironed out," according to a post on Facebook.

[Photo: Fred's Franks/Twitter]