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Tasting Counter Gets Closer to Opening and Samples Its Wares on Sunday

The 20-seat, ticketed restaurant is coming to Aeronaut Brewing Company's food hub.

The future space of Tasting Counter
The future space of Tasting Counter
Rachel Leah Blumenthal for Eater

'"But when is the restaurant opening?!' Yes, this question keeps us up at night, but we're close to announcing," writes Peter Ungár in a newsletter about his upcoming project, Tasting Counter. "We are expecting an opening date in the next few months."

Meanwhile, curious folks can get a first taste at a free event this Sunday at 4 p.m. (registration required). Aeronaut beers will also be available for purchase.

For the past decade, Ungár, an alum of Aujourd'hui and The Bristol Lounge, has been hosting dinner parties with fancy tasting menus, operating under the name The Dining Alternative. The "experiential dining restaurant," as the website describes it, will be similar. There will only be 20 seats, which face right into an open kitchen, and tickets must be purchased ahead of time.

Tasting Counter will be run on a few "guiding principles" aimed at not leaving any carbon footprint, sourcing at least half of all products from Massachusetts, and serving 100% natural wines (based on these criteria). Stay tuned for an opening date.