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The New Kane's Donuts Will Open in November

The Saugus institution is expanding for the first time, setting up shop in Boston's Financial District.

Kane's Donuts
Kane's Donuts

Kane's Donuts is nearly sixty years old, and after all that time, it's finally expanding from Saugus to Boston proper, as previously reported. The Boston Globe finds out more about the upcoming location, including the correct address — One International Place. (Based on an earlier tweet from the shop, the address was previously reported to be 2 High Street, a couple blocks away.) It'll also get an expanded name: Kane's Handcrafted Donuts. That handcrafting, though, will begin off-site, with the rolling, cutting, and baking happening out in Saugus. Fillings and garnishes will be applied to order at the Financial District shop.

The donuts at the new shop will be twice as expensive as they are in Saugus, costing around $3.50 compared to $1.75 a piece "due to the use of more gourmet ingredients." There'll be some flavors unique to the Boston shop; Nutella is currently under consideration, as is jalapeno and cheddar. Other standards include lemon-filled, creme brulee, and Boston cream.

Kane's Handcrafted Donuts is expected to open in mid-November, and the company has plans for a couple more shops in the coming years.