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The Fuji Empire Will Keep Growing

From Quincy to Cambridge to Somerville, there's no stopping Jimmy Liang and Peter Tse.

Kama Lounge in Quincy
Kama Lounge in Quincy

The JP Fuji Group was born in 1998 in Quincy, when Jimmy Liang and Peter Tse were 19 years old. Since then, they've opened numerous Asian restaurants in Quincy, including Fuji 1546 and Bistro Chi. More recently, they've expanded into Cambridge with Fuji at Kendall and Shabu & Mein, and next up, there's Fuji at Assembly, headed for Somerville's new Assembly Row this fall.

The Patriot Ledger caught up with Liang to discuss his continued expansion, learning that the new Somerville Fuji could open within three weeks. It'll be an "upscale" version of the brand, offering "spicy Szechuan fare and a banquet-sized sushi bar." Liang tells the Ledger that he has the exclusive on Asian food at Assembly Row.

But the group isn't stopping there. They're already thinking about a "French-Asian inspired bakery" for Cambridge.