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Boston Is on Umami Burger's List

Photo: Umami Burger in Los Feliz/Facebook

Umami Burger, a popular California-based chain that has expanded to New York and Las Vegas (with Chicago on the way), could one day make it over here to Boston. A local fan asked the chain via Twitter when they'd come to Boston, and Umami Burger replied that Boston is "on [their] list."

Umami Burger's burgers are infused with "Umami Master Sauce" and served on "lightly toasted and slightly sweet" buns. Options include the "Manly Burger" (beer-cheddar cheese, smoked salt-onion strings, and bacon lardon) and the "Truffle Burger" (truffle cheese, truffle glaze). There are also fries (which come in "manly" and "truffle" varieties), salads, beer and wine, and various bun-less and meat-less burger options.

Meanwhile, lots of other regional and national chains are also considering bringing more burgers to Boston, including Bareburger, Plan B Burger Bar, and PYT.
· Umami Burger [Official Site]