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Frozenyo to Carry Zinneken's Waffles on a Trial Basis

Belgian waffles topped with frozen yogurt, coming to Downtown least temporarily.

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With frozen yogurt shops sprouting up like weeds throughout the city, each one has to find a way to be different. Frozenyo is offering, on a trial basis, waffles from Zinneken's, a Harvard Square purveyor of Belgian waffles.

Head to Frozenyo starting this Monday, September 22 to give the waffles a try, topped with Nutella and banana; strawberry and chocolate; caramel, banana, and whipped cream; or berries and whipped cream — plus your choice of frozen yogurt. The trial will last through October 6, so eat a lot of waffles if you want it to continue.


277 Washington Street, Boston, MA 02108, USA