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Updated: SELECT Oyster Bar Is Coming to Back Bay

Neptune Oyster's Michael Serpa is involved.

Neptune Oyster
Neptune Oyster
Bill Addison for Eater

A new restaurant is on the way to an undisclosed spot in Back Bay. SELECT Oyster Bar popped up on Twitter recently and will only reveal that it is "coming soon" and that it will offer "a unique take on local seafood." The website doesn't provide any more illumination, offering only a photograph of Ernest Hemingway drinking at a Havana bar and a portrait of Donald McKay, a master shipbuilder from East Boston. Hit up the tipline with any intel, and in the meantime, prepare for oysters "soon" in Back Bay.

UPDATE: A tipster sends over a link to the Business Entity Summary for SELECT Oyster, which indicates the involvement of Neptune Oyster's Michael Serpa. A Robert J. Weintraub is also listed on the document. It also appears that 50 Gloucester Street could be the address. Last year, two restaurants were rumored for that space — Ambrosia on Gloucester and Lola 41 — but never materialized.

UPDATE 2 (10/1/14): Another tipster overhears Serpa spilling some details to regulars at Neptune Oyster. From the sounds of it, the new place is not connected to Neptune — it's Serpa's own project, and he won't be at Neptune for much longer. It could open in a few months, and he mentioned a location that seems to match the previously inferred 50 Gloucester. The new place will be "slightly smaller" than Neptune and focused on seafood.

Neptune Oyster

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