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City Winery Could Expand to Boston

Boston or Atlanta might be the next home to City Winery, which could one day expand from a handful of locations to 30 or 40.

City Winery, Chicago
City Winery, Chicago

City Winery — a winery/restaurant/music venue with locations in New York, Chicago, Napa, and Nashville — could one day expand to 30 or 40 locations, and Boston is possibly next in line, reports the Nashville Business Journal, citing Boston and Atlanta as "top contenders" for founder Michael Dorf's next move. Dorf also founded The Knitting Factory, a famous music venue in New York City.

City Winery seems less like a rock club and more like a dining (and wining) destination, though. "We are really a listening room," Dorf told the Journal. "We're focused on the seated listener...It's for people who want to have a luxurious concert experience, who want a sight line and want to sit." Speaking of the upcoming grand opening of the Nashville location, which seats about 300, he named a few artists on the October roster: Marketa Irglova (from the movie Once), Macy Gray, and The Wood Brothers.

City Winery

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