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Make the Most of Your Labor Day Weekend

Photos: A few patios to try.

If you have the opportunity to take Monday off and enjoy the long weekend, here are some resources to help maximize your dining opportunities in these last few hot days of the season.

· What's #OpenInBOS on Labor Day? — Check to see what's actually open on Monday before heading out. Some deals and specials are detailed here as well.
· 70 Stellar Patios to Add to Your August Bucket List — Dine and drink on these while you still can.
· The 38 Essential Boston Restaurants — Now's a good time to try another essential restaurant or two from the 38, last updated in July 2014.
· The Eater Maine Heatmap — Perhaps a road trip up north is in order?

Enjoy your weekend, and maybe consider applying to our open associate editor position while you're at it.