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Brendan Joy IN as Chef de Cuisine at Bondir Cambridge

Photo: Brendan Joy/Bondir newsletter

Brendan Joy, an alum of quite a few well-regarded restaurants, is now chef de cuisine at Bondir's original Cambridge location, according to a newsletter from the restaurant. Joy has previously worked at Radius, Clio, Aujourd'hui, No. 9 Park, Toro, and more. Most recently, he was out in San Francisco at SPQR, a longtime entry on Eater SF's list of 38 essential restaurants. He's particularly interested in whole-animal butchering, charcuterie, and making pasta from scratch.

On what's to come at Bondir:

"My mind is always focused on dishes in terms of what is available at the fish market and on the farms," Joy says, via the newsletter. "And right now I am just trying to gear up for winter; we're doing a bunch of preserves and fermentations. So that's what August and the beginning of September will look like for me. Jason [Bond] and I are working with a local ceramic potter and we are really excited about that. It's fascinating to collaborate with an artist to create dishes for a restaurant. It's a good collaboration. Bondir is a local, farm-driven restaurant, so I think it is a great idea for us to work with a local artist to keep that theme alive."
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