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Kate Holowchik IN at Bread and Salt at Wink & Nod

Photos: Kate Holowchik/Rachel Leah Blumenthal; Wink & Nod/Katie Chudy

jm Curley pastry chef Kate Holowchik is heading over to Wink & Nod this fall to be part of the new culinary program being introduced by Bread and Salt Hospitality, reports the Boston Globe.

Bread and Salt's Josh Lewin shared, via Facebook, some details about what Holowchik would be doing: "Think full and interesting bread programs, obviously, including bake to order and gluten free options. House spun ice creams and sorbets; savory, sweet, and textural. Indulgent plated desserts and cookies, candies, and treats of all sorts. Maybe a dessert tasting winds up on your to do 'date night' list. It should."

Holowchik tells Eater: "Josh and I have been trying to work together for close to a year now and it's great we finally get the chance to do so. I am looking forward to stretching my legs and showing boston what I got!"

In a previous interview, she said that her style often involves "tak[ing] a lot of stuff from our childhood and reimagin[ing] it and just hav[ing] fun with it." And on the non-childhood side, she's earned a number of fans for her Fernet bonbons.
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