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Limoo Tea Bar Will Offer Boozy & Bubble Brew Varieties

Photo: Limoo Tea Bar/Facebook

The address once held by Cafe Japonaise will soon be home to booze lounge/healthy beverage spot Limoo Tea Bar. Lifestyle blog UrbanDaddy reports the establishment will open on Tuesday.

Looking at Limoo's website is like witnessing a tale of two restaurants. Above the fold, it's all about fresh fruit teas, bountiful salads, and "master chef remixes" of "every food from the Mediterranean to the Far East." Scroll down a bit, and the place becomes a nightclub with alcohol-laden brews, pre-gaming promises, and what UrbanDaddy calls an "aggressive Tron vibe." It's sort of a choose-your-own-tea-adventure salon. The full menu isn't online, but there's some food porn on the restaurant's Instagram account.
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Limoo Tea Bar

1032 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA 02215