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As Downtown Crossing Turns; Dorchester 101; More!

Here's the weekly real estate update from Curbed Boston.
Screen%20Shot%202014-08-01%20at%204.44.29%20PM.png[Photo: Millennium Tower construction via Girl Goes Downtown]
DOWNTOWN - An assessment of Downtown Crossing's (DTX) classification as an Innovation District. Do you think it rates, or do you think it's a schizophrenic neighborhood?
HUB-WIDE - Boston is getting the grand prize: 75 new liquor licenses, distributed in neighborhoods across Boston.
DORCHESTER - It's about time that you get acquainted with Dorchester, and it's not just because our Mayor lives there.
BACK BAY - Our beloved Prudential Center is getting a new tower. Because it's worth it. And you didn't need that plaza anyway.