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Boston Chefs on Their Favorite Cuts of Meat

In honor of The Five Days of Meat, we've asked Boston food and drink personnel a variety of meat-related questions, and we'll share their responses throughout the week. Earlier today, we looked at chefs' favorite under-appreciated cuts of meat. Now, here they are on their favorite cuts of meat overall, from ribeye and spinalis to pork belly and pork shoulder. (Previously: Boston chefs on the meatiest dish they've ever eaten and the most unusual meats they've ever eaten.)

Matthew Gaudet - Chris Coe.jpg"I like a ribeye from time to time, but skirt and hanger are delicious! We often work with other cuts like cheeks, brisket, short rib, oxtail, and tongue because of the ridiculous unctuousness." — Matthew Gaudet, chef and co-owner of West Bridge
[Photo: Chris Coe]

Karen Akunowicz - Official Site.jpg "Korean-cut short ribs. I'm over the moon for them." — Karen Akunowicz, executive chef of Myers + Chang
[Photo: Official Site]

John Delpha - Provided.jpg"My favorite cut in general is the spinalis — or prime rib cap steak — as a special treat when eating out. At home, I'll opt for a hanger steak." — John Delpha, chef/partner of Rosebud American Kitchen & Bar (opening summer 2014)
[Photo: Provided]

Jesse Hassinger - Chris Coe.jpg"A ribeye steak is hard to beat. So is a smoked ham." — Jesse Hassinger, butcher at M.F. Dulock Pasture-Raised Meats
[Photo: Chris Coe]

Robert Sisca - Official Site.jpg"Ribeye. It has a little more fat than other cuts, which creates more flavor." — Robert Sisca, executive chef of Bistro du Midi
[Photo: Official Site]

Dante de Magistris - Official Site.jpg"An aged porterhouse or ribeye." — Dante de Magistris, chef/owner of Restaurant dante and il Casale
[Photo: Official Site]

Matt Foley - Official Site.jpg"Beef tongue, oxtail, pork belly." — Matt Foley, executive chef of The Merchant
[Photo: Official Site]

Michael Schlow - Sophia Tsakmaklis.jpg"I am always a sucker for a big, juicy American lamb chop." — Michael Schlow, chef/owner of Via Matta, Tico, and Alta Strada
[Photo: Sophia Tsakmaklis]

Samuel Monsour - Rachel Leah Blumenthal.jpg"Pork shoulder. There's just so much you can do with it. Pork shoulder from a good farm that has heritage breeds and feeds them right and raises them right. It's super clean, and the flesh is sweet — you can do so many things. You can make sausage, you can make barbecue, you can braise it. It's inexpensive. My favorite thing to do is probably smoke it at a 220-degree pit temperature because i'm still not that good at it, so I just want to keep trying until I can figure out how to manipulate wood. Sebastian Martinez at Volle Nolle in the North End — he's a cool cat — he makes a pork shoulder steak. He slices it about an inch think, and then he braises it very gently and sears it so you kind of get a braised piece of meat but in steak format. I think it's awesome, and it's super tasty. We had a great meal there." — Samuel Monsour of The Future of Junk Food pop-up and more
[Photo: Rachel Leah Blumenthal]

Irene Li - Katie Chudy.jpg"Outside skirt steak for beef; pork jowl." — Irene Li, co-owner of Mei Mei
[Photo: Katie Chudy]

Dennis Wilson - Provided.jpg"Bellies." — Dennis Wilson, chef of Gather
[Photo: Official Site]

Samuel Jackson - Callaway Photography.jpg"I love lamb shanks. Something about what they do over the course of cooking them and what they add to a dish and what they can take in regards to preparation and flavors." — Samuel Jackson, owner of KO Catering and Pies
[Photo: Callaway Photography]

Peter D'Antonio - Facebook.jpg"T-bone, the double shot of meat, contains both sirloin and tenderloin with a bone separating the two for extra juiciness." — Peter D'Antonio, executive chef of The Westin Waltham-Boston
[Photo: Facebook]

Chris Coombs - Rachel Leah Blumenthal.jpg"Prime bone-in ribeye." — Chris Coombs, executive chef and co-owner of Boston Chops and Deuxave
[Photo: Rachel Leah Blumenthal]

Tim Wiechmann - Official Site.jpg"Sirloin for beef, the perfect balance of flavor to fat. Pork belly and shoulder for sausage-making!" — Tim Wiechmann, chef/owner of Bronwyn and T.W. Food
[Photo: Official Site]

Kyle Ketchum - Official Site.jpg"Lamb loin." — Kyle Ketchum, executive chef of Bostonia Public House
[Photo: Official Site]

Joshua Smith - Rachel Leah Blumenthal.jpg"The coppa." — Joshua Smith, owner of Moody's Delicatessen & Provisions
[Photo: Rachel Leah Blumenthal]

Leo Asaro - Chris Coe.jpg"I like ribs. I love barbecued or braised or confit ribs." — Leo Asaro, executive chef of Tico
[Photo: Chris Coe]

"I like ribeye steaks. Anything for braising — veal shins, pork cheeks, lamb shanks. Lamb ribs are great. Lamb necks — when slow-roasted and then the meat is shredded off the bone — make a great croquette." — Dan Schroeder, chef of Forum

"Sirloin." — Paul Booras, Director of Culinary Operations of Tavern in the Square

"I love hanger steak, if not skirt steak. That's a real cut of beef, and it actually tastes like beef. I generally enjoy beef that doesn't take forever to chew." — Carey Dobies, executive chef of Savvor Restaurant and Lounge

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