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Fresh Food Generation to Hit the Streets Soon

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Fresh Food Generation, a Kickstarter-supported food truck, is almost ready to get on the road, primarily around Roxbury, Dorchester, and Mattapan. Its stated mission is "to improve access to healthy, affordable, cooked foods in low-income neighborhoods," and it'll also provide employment to young adults in those communities. As for the food, it'll focus on rice bowls and salads inspired by Caribbean, Latin American, and African cuisines, made with seasonal, locally sourced ingredients.

While the truck itself hasn't launched yet, the company has catered a number of events. In the coming weeks, find it at The Dorchester Community Co-Op's Fresh Fridays, taking place each Friday in August at the Bowdoin Geneva Community Hub at the corner of Bowdoin and Topliff Streets in Dorchester.
· Fresh Food Generation [Official Site]
[Image: Facebook]

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