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Two Mac's Delis Are Coming; Hell's Kitchen Casting

BRIGHTON / WEST END — Mac's Deli, previously reported to be opening near Brighton's Oak Square, is "weeks away," according to a post on Instagram from owner Eric Gava. Additionally, he now has a second location in the works at or near North Station that is "about 45 days" away from opening. [Instagram]

KENDALL SQUARE — Attention, would-be reality television stars: Hell's Kitchen is visiting Boston in its quest to cast the next season of the shouty, sweaty show. The casting call takes place between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. on August 6 at Le Cordon Bleu in Cambridge. Find out more and apply here. [The Conlin Company]

ALLSTON — White Horse Tavern is focusing more on burgers these days, and as a promotion of their newfound burger obsession, they're giving away up to 1000 free ones on August 5, starting at 11:30 a.m. (They'll give them out until midnight or until they run out, whichever comes first. No other purchase necessary, but you'll probably want to wash that free burger down with some beer, right?) Must be 21+ after 7 p.m. [Boston Burger Blog]
[Photo: Mac's Deli, Brighton/Instagram]