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Plan a Summer Trip With These Essential Maine Spots

Photo: Vinland/Corey Templeton Photography

Across the Eater universe, maps were updated yesterday to reflect the ever-changing most essential restaurants in each city. (Here's the Eater Boston map, in case you missed it.) Our neighbor to the north mapped out the 18 essential spots in Maine — Portland and beyond. Here are the updates to assist with your summer road trip planning.

· Vinland: "In a famously locavore city, David Levi's restaurant is taking "local" to a whole new level. The food is 100% locally sourced, organic, and gluten-free. That means there are no kitchen staples like black pepper, olive oil, or lemons. There are creative, beautiful plates served from the open kitchen. It's not so much a gimmick as a manifesto."

· Street and Co.: "In a rustic brick space off the cobblestones of Wharf Street, past the thumping bass and strobe lights of Portland's night club strip, you won't find any sushi or fried shrimp, just fresh seafood prepared simply and near perfectly."
· The 18 essential Maine restaurants, July 2014 [~EMAINE~]

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