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Wash That Double Awesome Down with a Beer

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Photo: Facebook

It's official: You can now drink beer and wine at Mei Mei. The restaurant announced the good news last night on Facebook, starting by pouring a couple reds and a couple whites "as the rest of the product starts rolling in."

Back in January, Mei Mei had submitted a petition with almost 800 signatures to the board in hopes that neighborhood support would help them get a license, but there just weren't any left. But a few months ago, the ball started rolling when Fenway's Boston Beer Works acquired a full liquor license from the shuttered Morton's and then transferred its existing beer and wine license to Mei Mei. At last, the paperwork has come through. So what would you pair with the Double Awesome, the restaurant's signature sandwich that puts two slow-poached-then-fried eggs, pesto, and cheddar between two scallion pancakes?
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Mei Mei (Boston)

506 Park Dr., Boston, MA 02215 (857) 250-4959 Visit Website

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