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The Five Days of Meat: A Recap

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Last week, Eater Boston and the rest of the Eater family celebrated The Five Days of Meat, an obsessive look at all things meaty, from steak cuts to exotic meats, foie gras desserts to goat dishes, and beyond. We spoke with chefs about sourcing meat responsibly, playing with meat glue, hunting, and more. We mapped out things like meats on sticks and summer game, and we rounded up Boston's most interesting meats wrapped in dough. Here's a look back at the interviews, maps, photo series, and other features. (And don't miss Eater National's recap of the week as well, including a guided tour of the burnt ends of Kansas City, an animated video explaining American barbecue styles, a brief history of Spam, and lots more.)

The Five Days of Meat Recap - Interviews.jpg

· Brian Poe on Exotic Meats, from Camel to Python — "Strangely I like the kangaroo best as a tartare. I like the raw, iron-rich flavor, and then adding some spice to it is a lot of fun."
· Lydia Shire on Butchering & Things That Drive Her Crazy — "Thank goodness I'm not living in Los Angeles, where I think the tastes are a little more plebeian at times...out there in California people get in a rut and just want their skinless, boneless chicken breast, which drives me crazy because once again, there's not much flavor there."
· M.F. Dulock's Jesse Hassinger on Alternative Grilling Cuts — "[The beef heart is] a great introduction to offal because it doesn't have a really strong iron taste that you'd expect from liver or a really strong sulphur taste that some of the others, like a kidney, might have."
· Mei Mei's Irene Li & Max Hull on Meat Responsibility — "Meat that is well-raised and with a lot of care is more delicious and a lot more expensive — rightly so — so it lends itself to smaller portions where you can really enjoy all of the care that was spent raising the animal and hopefully preparing the meat itself."
· Michael Schlow on Cooking Meat "Low and Slow" — "The trick to a great hamburger is for it to not see intense heat."
· Prezza's Antony Caturano on Hunting — "It's a good way to get outside and interact with nature and get back to the way that things were years ago, going out and getting your own food — butchering it and taking care of it and keeping a supply of it."
· Sam Monsour on Meat Glue and More — "That's the proof that we can restructure agriculture and get away from the misuse of things like antibiotics every day that's probably going to breed a fucking super disease that wipes us all out all because you wouldn't get a fucking local chicken!"
· Master Butcher Ron Savenor Solves the Mystery of Meat — "Everyone who comes in to see you is really glad to see you. You're selling them the best food money can buy, and they love you for it. What's better than that?"

The Five Days of Meat Recap - Maps.jpg

· Cocktails for Carnivores
· Corn Dogs of Boston — Part of Meat on a Stick Power Hour
· Foie Gras Frenzy
· Get Your Summer Game On
· Go and Try These Goat Dishes
· Meat Sweets: Foie Gras and Bacon for Dessert
· Middle Eastern Meat on a Stick: Six Places to Try — Part of Meat on a Stick Power Hour
· Miscellaneous Meats on a Stick to Meet Your Needs — Part of Meat on a Stick Power Hour
· Seven Asian-Inspired Skewers to Try — Part of Meat on a Stick Power Hour
· To the Extreme: Eight Over-the-Top Meat Dishes
· These Are Boston's Most Iconic Meat Dishes
· The Ultimate Guide to Boston's Dough-Wrapped Meats
· The Whole Hog: Where to Feast on Roasted Animals
· You've Got No Beef with These Meaty Burgers

The Five Days of Meat Recap - Surveys.jpg

· Bartenders' Pairings for Chocolate Cake & Candied Bacon — A 1920s Malmsey madeira to Pappy Van Winkle.
· Boston Bartenders Recommend Charcuterie Pairings — Sherry to Seelbach cocktails.
· Boston Bartenders Recommend Ribeye Pairings — A classic Algonquin cocktail to many red wines.
· Boston Bartenders Recommend Sausage Pairings — Rieslings to beer cocktails.
· Boston Chefs on Customers Who Order Steak Well-Done — "Sorry mate, we're out of steak."
· Boston Chefs on Their Favorite Cuts of Meat — A whole lot of ribeye.
· Boston Chefs on Their Favorite Meat Dish to "Elevate" — Burgers, hot dogs, and more.
· Boston Chefs on the Meatiest Dish They've Ever Eaten — "I think that was a very pivotal turning point for me in terms of my appreciation of offal, and it certainly it stuck in my head. Really meaty dish."
· Boston Chefs on the Most Unusual Meats They've Eaten — Cow udder, mountain lion, turtle, and more.
· Chefs on Favorite Under-Appreciated Cuts of Meat — Neck, sweetbreads, and more.

The Five Days of Meat Recap - Photo Series.jpg

· BOKX 109's Israel Medina Makes Decon 3! Prime Rib
· La Brasa, Friday at 6:30 p.m.
· M.F. Dulock's Jesse Hassinger on Alternative Grilling Cuts
· Tico's Leo Asaro Assembles a Lamb Dish Start to Finish

Steakhouses Round 3.jpg

· Here's What Steak Costs Around the City — A look at steak prices per ounce (for a filet) at individual restaurants and averaged across various neighborhoods.
· No Diarrhea, No Downside, MORE MEAT ON A STICK! — A special Board Wrap for Meat on a Stick Power Hour.
· Try These Special Meaty Dishes and Drinks — Several restaurants created specials for The Five Days of Meat.
· You Say That This Is the Best Steakhouse in Boston — The results of a reader poll that spanned the week, beginning with nominations on Monday, then narrowing down 20 contenders to a champion over four rounds of voting.

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