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Local Ice Cream Parlors; Party of Two on Tour

BEYOND THE HUB — Stephanie Cmar's Stacked Donuts and Justin Burke-Samson's Trademark Tarts, collectively known as Party of Two, are hitting the road on Saturday for a national donut-and-tart tour that will culminate with a wrap party back in Boston on July 14 at the W Hotel, at which point they'll make a "big announcement." Stay tuned. [Press Release]

HUB-WIDE — The New York Times takes a charming look at local ice cream parlors around the country, mentioning Cambridge's own Toscanini's as well as a few other Massachusetts spots. "It would be difficult to argue that any other food holds a stronger connection to memory than ice cream does. Ask most Americans about their favorite childhood ice cream and the descriptions will be vivid and specific." [NYT]

HUB-WIDE — The first three Jimmy John's sandwich shops to hit the Boston area will be at 411 D Street in South Boston (the Flats on D apartment complex), 123-125 Antwerp Street in Brighton (the Charlesview development on Western Avenue), and 512 Park Drive in Audubon Circle (same retail strip as Mei Mei), according to licensing info.
[Photo: Toscanini's/Official Site]


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